Resourcing Parents provides parenting information to parents and carers of children aged 0-18 years through parenting programs.

The Family Action Centre, University of Newcastle (Australia), conducted a survey of 600 families to find out what makes a "strong" family. Read about the 8 Strengths of Strong Families.

Tresillian provides a range of child and family health services. 

The Australian Institute of Family Studies web site details information and facts on families in Australia, as well as the journalFamily Matters (some full text issues available).

The South Australian Child and Youth Health site is comprehensive, with over 300 articles on specific parenting issues, as well as a child's site (age 6-12) and a youth site (age 12-25) with topics requested by and written for young children and young adults.

Strengthening Families (New Zealand) has produced a document informing people who work with children about strategies for promoting mental health and recognising mild-moderate mental health problems in children.

Parenting Research Centre has compiled informative guides for parents on how to assist children in obtaining benefits from using TV, the Internet, electronic games and mobile phones. Check also the document informing parents of strategies and suggestions for supporting children when they have viewed traumatic events through mass media.

Auburn University (Alabama, USA), the College of Human Sciences has produced the Principles of Parenting, a series of short publications grouped under three areas:

Parenting South Australia has produced the Parent Easy Guides, a series of 70+ factsheets on particular issues experienced by families with children of different ages. PEGs are also downloadable.

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program that is available in the Inner West (see calendar for details). The web site outlines the group and also the book Every Parent by Matt Sanders. Check at your local library for copies of the book and the video.

Magic 123 is another well known parenting method by Thomas Phelan. See calendar for details of groups in the Inner West. Check at your local library for copies of the book and the videos. See the web site for information and subscribe to a free e-newsletter.

The NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) promotes the safety and well-being of children and young people and works to build stronger families and communities. The web site has information on child protection services, parenting, support and early intervention, foster care, adoption services and help for communities affected by disaster.

NAPCAN The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect is an independent Australian charity committed to stopping child abuse. The website details national campaigns and free resources that promote practical and positive actions, such as 30 Ways to Boost a Child's Self Confidence and the Importance of Play.

The Australian Childhood Foundation has created the Kids Count campaign and web site. There is factsheet-type information for parents on common parenting and childhood challenges, a section authored by Michael Grose, details of parenting seminars and an opportunity to suggest topics for further information.

Tresillian Family Care Centre in the Inner West suburb of Canterbury offers a number of different services to families with young children including Out Reach, Day Stay and Residential Care, as well as presentations to groups of parents on specific issues. There is also the 24hr Parent Help Line 9787 0855.

Child Link is a resource for families and service providers for children's services in the Northern Sydney Area. It has information in Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese for choosing a child care centre. It also has a comprehensive Guide to Managing Challenging Behaviours, with strategies, suggestions and information.

CatholicCare NSW provides many services to all people in the community. The Family Services section of their web site details family focussed services, including:

Kid Safe NSW is a non-profit, non-government organisation that provides information to all regarding injury prevention in children. Visit the Kid Safe house at Westmead for ideas, or read guidelines and suggestions for home, playground, road and water safety on the web site.

Karitane offers many services to families. Available to those living in the Inner West are the Survival Tips for Parents, presenting informative seminars and the 24hr Careline 9794 1852.

My Baby and Me is a website run by Karitane and offers practical parenting advice. The website is optimised for mobile phones.


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