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This week at The Infants' Home: March 26 to March 30, 2018

- March 30, 2018

Welcome to The Infants Home's weekly news roundup.

Robinson House

Staff and children at Robinson House have welcomed their new Director, Rebecca Pickard. You can find out more about her in this interview

Harmony Day was celebrated at Robinson House last week, with many discussions about diversity and the ways that we can respect people who are different to ourselves. The Robinson House program always includes aims of supporting children to develop cultural competency, and respect diversity. On harmony day (March 21), educators capitalised on the opportunity to engage in conversations with children about these concepts. As the children used orange paper to create something to wear, they learned that harmony day is about celebrating and respecting difference, and that everyone belongs. The experience not only broadened the children's understanding of the world in which they live but also enhanced their language and fine motor skills. 


Rigby House

Rigby children have been getting involved in gardening. After watching seeds germinate, they have been caring for the young seedlings and plants that have been planted in various pots and garden beds. The children enjoyed the opportunity to explore living things, and to notice and respond to the changes they saw. This activity helps the children to gain an appreciation for the natural environment and learn about the interdependence of living things. Staff would like to thank all the parents who donated seeds, plants, and pots for the children to enjoy and learn about plants and seeds. 



Johnson House Preschool

At Johnson House Preschool, the drawing space has been set up with a range of writing materials to suit the various capabilities and abilities of the children. Offering such materials helps to build on the children’s skills in terms of fine motor control, pencil grasp and pre-writing skills. A selection of chalkboards and various sized chalks has also been provided, allowing for children's skills to be enhanced with a different medium. Educators have been working closely with the children to help refine their skills and build their confidence in this space.



Johnson House Toddlers

Johnson House Toddlers educators created a sorting game for children to play with their peers. Children had to sort different colours and put them in the right coloured buckets. Three primary coloured buckets were used at first. The children had to sort the objects and match them to the buckets according to their colours. After a few rounds, another container with a pink border was added, and some pink coloured objects added to the primary coloured objects. 
The children were so engaged and enthusiastic, and were eager to play the game several times. This activity helped to develop their emerging understanding of basic math skills, such as sorting and matching.



Murray House

At Murray House Infants, children have been using egg cartons, milk bottles and other resources for cooking experiences in the sandpit. Educators provided picture recipes, to integrate visual literacy into the experience and support children to develop meaning during the play. The children were dramatising familiar experiences and drawing their experiences with families in their play. 


Family Day Care

At the Family Day Care Sydney Wide Northern Beaches play session,  educators, children, and staff practiced a fire drill. Everyone practiced getting safely out of the building and pretended to wait for the fire engine to arrive and put the fire out.

To extend the children’s experiences and understanding of this drill, educators planned a dramatic play learning experience and created a fire engine in the outdoor space.  The children were able to dress up as firefighters and enjoyed pretending to put out spot fires in the playground. It was a great opportunity to engage the children in role play, sharing and turn taking (as everyone wanted to be the driver!!) and joining in play with friends.

This small planned experience gave the children the opportunity to transfer the knowledge that they had gained from practicing a fire drill and were able to incorporate this into their play.

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