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Music and movement inspires all kinds of learning in Murray House

- June 9, 2015

The children in Murray House’s toddler’s room love being part of small group learning experiences. Some of children’s favourite things to do during small group times are reading, having news time, acting out favourite stories such as ‘Going on a bear hunt’ and, most of all, singing and dancing!

Small group times provide a great opportunity for children to build their sense of belonging within the group environment, develop the confidence to speak up and share their thoughts, and build on their literacy skills.

Murray House is very fortunate to have educator Aunty Karen who is very musically talented. The children love to strum ukuleles, beat drums, and shake maracas and tambourines alongside Karen’s guitar playing. In the experience featured in this video, Karen invited the children to re-enact the song, pretending to be a variety of animals, such as hopping like a little bunny, snapping like a crocodile, and stamping their feet like elephants.

There are a lot of learning opportunities happening within this small group experience. The children need to listen and follow simple directions listening skill required, they following each other’s lead and copy actions, as well building on their gross motor skill/movements/spatial awareness to be safe around each other within a small space.

One of the children featured in the video of the experience is Arlo, who is one of Karen’s focus children. It is lovely to see that he has developed a strong bond and connection with Karen, and throughout the video you see him giving Karen a hug each time the song is finished!



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