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- March 21, 2012

A group of volunteers from PwC swap financial modelling, mergers and acquisitions for windex, scrapers and paint.

“They’re happy to do physical work – whatever you guys need!” 

It was with these ominous words of encouragement from PwC that The Infants’ Home’s volunteer co-ordinator Karina Phillips and maintenance boss Cameron Fargo started to plan a working day for a group of PwC volunteers this week.

Julia David

Julia Cooper (L) and David Balasubramiam give the windows at Robinson House a good scrub.

"Work them hard"

Word had reached The Infants’ Home that the feedback PwC often got from volunteers who had attended our working bees at Ashfield is that they felt they could have helped more.

“So please don't be afraid to work them hard!” said our contact at PwC.

Such sweet music to our ears…

Alex Valenti (L) and Becky Sung scrub the chairs and tables in Johnson House.

Altogether on Harmony Day

The PwC volunteers on duty this time were David Balasubramiam, Jason Boyer, Julia Cooper, Chris Koeck, Krzysztof Sikora, Richard Stewart, Becky Sung and Alex Valenti.

By coincidence the PwC team joined The Infants’ Home on Harmony Day – a celebration of Australia’s multicultural heritage. Staff brought an international dish to share with everyone at lunch and dressed in cultural costume.

And with names like Sikora, Balasubramiam, Koeck and Sung, the PwC crew found many kindred multicultural spirits at The Infants’ Home, such as Azzopardi, Da Silva, Islam, Truong, Manjunathan, Xu, Christodoulos, Dai, and Braga do Nascimento Parsons – to name a few.


(L) Krzysztof Sikora scrapes away years of wear and (R) lunch with The Infants' Home staff.

Plenty to do

But play is play and work is work, and there was plenty to get through.

Take Richard Stewart, who has spent 25 years providing financial, valuation, strategy, forecasting, risk analysis, and mergers and acquisitions advice to clients in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States – all to help clients make better decisions to improve the value of their businesses.

This week at The Infants’ Home, Richard scraped, sanded and painted a cubby house that had fallen into disrepair – all to help the children at The Infants’ Home have a new place to let their imaginations wander.

Sikora and Richard - before  Richard - after

The cubby house before (L) and after (R) Krzysztof and Richard Stewart had worked their magic.

Then there's Jason Boyer, who has spent a career estimating the current and future valuations of a variety of businesses, including a water treatment plant, a student accommodation village, the internet business of a book retailer, a software company, a tungsten mine, and a fashion accessories retailer.

This week at The Infants’ Home Jason varnished some wooden toys to give them a second life.

Chris and Jason

Chris Koeck (L) and Jason Boyer varnish a set of wooden blocks.

Making a difference

The help The Infants’ Home receives from volunteers such as PwC allows staff to concentrate on early childhood development without the extra chore of maintaining our 4.5 acre site and all its equipment. 

The Infants’ Home CEO Anita Kumar says on such a big property there is always something to do.

“PwC has been a wonderful supporter for many years now and we always appreciate their efforts,” she says.

“Soon enough, our children will be enjoying the cubby house the PwC team sanded and painted, playing with the wooden toys they helped to fix, and dining on the tables and chairs they repaired.

"This is what we call making a difference."

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